deeper than blood

Family is a loaded word. For some, happy memories come to mind first. Smiles, laughter, enjoyment, safety, love—these are the things that encompass their family. For kids like me, that is the family we long for. Sorrow, pain, brokenness, fear, humiliation—these are what come to mind for me. Never enough, always alone; surrounded by people […]

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So this was my first assignment in my creative writing class. It was a personal narrative assignment, specifically about a difficult time. I played on a theme and talked about two. You might recognize parts of the second half of the narrative cuz I had to supplement the assignment with some old blogger posts since […]

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permanent marker

So believe it or not, I got a tattoo. Surprise! Many have asked me why I chose to get it, and well, there’s a lot of things, I suppose. I definitely didn’t get it for anyone else as it is not visible. I chose the rising phoenix because it is very symbolic for me. It’s […]

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God walked alongside Moses, growing him for a special purpose. At the beginning of his story, Moses was saved that God may carry out His plans for Moses as well as use Moses to carry out His plans for Israel….. which I guess was God’s plans for Moses. O.o In the beginning of the story, […]

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