What is Grace?

(Someone sent this to me in an email. it meant a lot to me, so I wanted to share) The following is from a book by David Jeremiah called Captured By Grace. I thought his insight here on the difference between mercy and grace was quite illuminating, and make sure to see the illustration below. […]

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Glass Heart

A piece of glass is created from chaos. It comes about when sand is struck by lightning hotter than five times the surface of the sun. Or it is created in the heart of a volcano. It is transparent. Glass has no means to lie. It is recognizable by anyone. It is vulnerable. It is strong […]

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It’s a Wonderful Life

I could have died when I was fourteen. No, I didn’t run up against any near death accidents or get kidnapped by a maniac or anything that dramatic. No one was threatening my life either. Except me. My dear reader, I know by now you’ve picked up a bit on how traumatic my childhood and […]

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I have hope for a unified Body

I came across an article today from LifeWay, and my soul smiled. Dr. Thom Rainer, the current CEO and president of LifeWay Christian Resources, issued a formal apology for VBS material that was released 10 years ago called, “Far Out Rickshaw Rally – Racing Towards the Son.” The material was the subject of major controversy, utilizing […]

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above the ashes

God has given me a powerful name: “the appearance, the bearing, of a phoenix.” It’s this name that the devil must destroy in order to defeat me. Names make one strong, mighty, significant, but they can also make one vulnerable. It is at the name of Jesus that every knee will bow, that expels devils […]

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deeper than blood

Family is a loaded word. For some, happy memories come to mind first. Smiles, laughter, enjoyment, safety, love—these are the things that encompass their family. For kids like me, that is the family we long for. Sorrow, pain, brokenness, fear, humiliation—these are what come to mind for me. Never enough, always alone; surrounded by people […]

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Perfect Life

Background story on this entry: in Friday’s counseling session, my counselor had me speak to my cousin as though he were in the room and tell him what it was like for me growing up and what it was like living in the situation I was living in upon entering high school. At some point, […]

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i am not my abuse

Side note: I took the photo on a tripod with a timer cuz no one else was home at the time. >.<” At first I was a little unhappy with the focus being on my eye and the part of me behind the hand, but then I realized that that’s how it should be. The […]

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When will I be enough? I was born into a completely powerless position: the daughter of the youngest (and only surviving) daughter and divorcee, the only Gao in a family of Tongs. I was an outsider from before I began. My father deserted us about 2 years or so after I was born. I still […]

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A sharp, deep intake of breath, she sits up suddenly, hands seeking heart. It’s beating. It’s alive. Mind racing, life blurs before unfocused eyes, still blinking off sleep that has long since fled. Chaos. Her life is in chaos. Future undecided, unwritten, unforged; left to her to define, decide, decipher. Chaos. Complete and utter chaos. […]

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