Chinese. American. Christian. Female.

Four seemingly simple words that conceal the complexity of what they’re describing.

First off, how would you describe me culturally? A first-generation “American of Chinese Descent” is not a complete enough description. It negates the Chinese identity in favor of the American one. “Chinese-American” is somewhat problematic as well. The front half of the hyphen often ends up being an adjective to modify the second half, and well, that’s not quite accurate either. “American-Chinese” and “ABC” (American-Born Chinese) would run up against the same problem.

So how would you end up describing me? Chinese? Yes and no. American? Yes and no. I am both, and I am neither. In my veins flow the millennia of the Middle Kingdom. My mind holds the young history of the home of the brave and the land of the free. I am both, and I am neither.

Secondly (though not less than firstly) I am a Christ-follower. That also seems a little lacking as a description. Yes, I follow Christ, but there’s more. I love Him, I trust Him, I hope in Him, I wait for Him, I wait on Him, I’m pretty lost in Him, I get frustrated with Him, I argue with Him, I always seek His wisdom and love and grace and peace. Christ defines all that I am. “Follower” only scratches the surface.

And I am a female. You’d think that one would be simple. I’m an adult, so “woman” sounds applicable. But sometimes I’m the girl that I was never allowed to be growing up. Where exactly do we decide where girlhood ends and womanhood begins? And really, female’s a pretty loaded word, too. Am I a feminine female or a masculine female? My answer to that is, “yes.”

So how should I go about filling out this “about me” business?

This sounds pretty good for now.


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