i am not my abuse

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. While it hurts my heart that there is even a need for such a month, I am also glad that the issue is given light.

But let’s not reduce it to something we just do in April. There are kids all around the world and also in our very neighborhoods who need help, prayer, intervention, and by whatever means available to us, we are responsible to exercise them for the benefit of others.

“Few are guilty, but all are responsible.”
―Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Prophets

For those who have grown up with wounds and scars from abuse, please know that what happened to you is not your identity. There is so much more to the world, and if you dare to stretch your wings, you can rise above the ashes to see them.

i am not my abuse

Above the Ashes

Side note: I took the photo on a tripod with a timer cuz no one else was home at the time. >.<” At first I was a little unhappy with the focus being on my eye and the part of me behind the hand, but then I realized that that’s how it should be. The focus should be on me, not on the things that happened to me. My life isn’t about my past. It’s about my redemption. *end fluke philosophical soapbox moment*

I struggled with calling it abuse for a long time. First of all, it came from those I knew as family. We’re supposed to be loyal to each other, right? So everything said and done should be beneficial even if it shames us in the moment. Right? Secondly, it wasn’t physical. That’s what abuse is, right? Thirdly, when it was, it only happened once. So it can’t…

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