half the sky

Happy International Women’s Day!

The day kind of snuck up on me this year. I wish I was ready to publish my thoughts on masculinity/femininity, but alas, here’s a throwback to last year’s Women’s Day entry. ^^

Above the Ashes

Women hold up half the sky.

This quote is from one Chairman Mao Tse-tung. Yes, he was a communist. Yes, he lowered the Iron Curtain. Say what you will, but the man showed more respect to women in one sentence than the entire world does on any given day.

Women hold up half the sky.

Adrienne Rich* called for re-vision, for an awakening. Women must be re-cast. They must step into roles once denied them. They must be the poets, the enchanters, the achievers. Their voices must be unsilenced. Once we identify that their voices are hidden, how can we not hear them?

But… if women must be re-cast, does that not also necessitate that men must also be re-cast? What does this re-casting look like? Having never been a man, I can’t genuinely answer. But from what little I’d seen growing up in my cross-cultural traumatic identity-building, I know one…

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