Come Alive [redux]

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs… ask yourself what makes you alive because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Rainier Maria Rilke

What makes her come alive? What lights up her eyes with curiosity, peace, and mischief? What instills breath in her lungs in the morning and sustains till the next?

Love. Hope. Faith. Courage. Trust. Grace.

Without these, her life is an empty husk.

Love drives her passions – passions for writing, for people, for fighting, for warmth, for gentleness. Love as defined by its Author. Hope allows her to be thankful for a known God writing a future unknown to her, to be grateful for things to come because of proof from things that have come. Faith commits her to Him and relies on Him for breath and mercy. Courage grants her opinions, her personality. It takes much for her to be who she was made to be. Courage plants her feet on a firm foundation when opposition seeks to remove her from it.


She would be nowhere without trust. She would seek proof where none is found, test truth for falsities. She would drive herself mad with uncertainty. Trust grounds her in the object of her trust. There is but One is who trustworthy, and He is good.


What would she be without grace? An unrepentant, trapped, mess of a woman. She would be drowning in her sin and unable to save herself. Grace gives her strength and reason to try everyday, to love and change and grow.

 What makes her come alive?


God gave her life and gives her life daily. It is only by His power and His grace and His faith that she may rise every morning and inhale the life He grants for that day. And all the days He blesses her with following it.


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