a wedding at calvary

There is a love letter inked in the blood of a Prince. It tells the story of His faithful devotion to His bride. He loved her at her worst and never stopped pursuing her. He pursued her to the point of death and pursued her still. The grave could not keep Him from the love […]

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cosmic fantasy

I am convinced that stars were born in dreams. One of my favorite things to do is stargaze. Stars speak to me in ways people can’t. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a relationship with the night sky, and as with any relationship, it grew and changed through time and work. Then, […]

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excerpt from Ruthless Trust

Fourteenth-century theologian and mystic John Tauler prayed for eight years that God would send him a person who would teach him the true way of perfection. One day, while at prayer, he heard a voice from within telling him to go outside to the steps of the church, and there he would meet his mentor. […]

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urban lullaby

When a city closes its eyes at the end of the day, I wonder, does it dream? Do the thoughts and conversations of the previous hours marinate in the deepest part of its mind before blossoming into life as the imagination awakens to a world of possibilities? Sleep shakes off the weariness of the day […]

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