prayer from a precious heart

(My dear reader, I welcome you to take a journey with me and keep me accountable to this prayer. Pray for me as I come to mind, and walk with me as I take my next steps on this path He’s called me on.)

Beloved, my heart is torn. Who am I to give it to? It is to belong to You, and You will make it habitable for Yourself and Your purposes, yet it is rebellious and ravenous to be filled and loved. Teach me to love whom and what You love and hate what You hate. Give me not a stronger heart but a tender one, able to be broken and recreated to the glory of Your Name; a malleable one, able to be shaped and changed for Your purposes.

Thank You for blessing me with a heart that is strong enough to risk to love and love deeply, but I ask for Your heart that I may risk everything to love even deeper. The risk You took for love far exceeds any attempt I will ever make.

Let my worries and my insecurities be placed in Your hands. Help me trust they will be cared for and worked out there according to Your plan and Your desires. Keep me from trying to snatch them back from You, and focus my heart to see You clearer, love You stronger, and run toward You faster. Bless me to be allowed to break for You, to be redeemed by You, to be completely dependent on You and utterly desperate for You.

My heart I give to You. Mold me as You see fit, refine me in the fire that I may hope to shine more brightly and beautifully than gold and precious silver. Ruin me for the ordinary, and let my life continue to be an extraordinary testament to Your power, love, and faithfulness.

Beloved, in Your hands, I place my hands; in Your heart, I place my heart.

I lay myself at the mercy of Your glory, for the completion of Your love story.


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