Along Came You


I know You. Yes. Yes, You. Many years ago, we had a pretty loaded encounter. There I was, minding my own business, trying to make friends and make something of my life, and there You came, barreling through the titanium fence I thought I securely erected around that fragile heart of mine, and ruined all of my plans. Note to self: walls of titanium probably would’ve been a better way to go.

But would that have kept You out? No, I don’t suppose it would’ve. Even if it did, I suppose all You would’ve had to do was knock. And knock. And knock again. Because it was You, I would’ve opened a door sooner or later. Is that what we call fate?

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, barreling through my fence and ruining my life. Hey hey, I know what I said. But my plans were my life! Remember the mess You made? Pieces of my fence scattered and strewn everywhere? Pride, loneliness, courage, fear, stubbornness… all littered across my yard.

And then, what did You do? You dusted Yourself off, fixed Your shirt, pushed the hair off Your face, and waltzed right across my ruined yard and… KNOCKED!

What kind of Person were You? First, You barged into my life, and then You KNOCKED? You turned my world upside-down, inside-out, and every-whichever-way it could else be turned, and then You asked if I’m home? To what, have a cup of tea? And… what was that? I couldn’t quite hear over the drumming in my ears from the blood rushing to my brain and the erratic pounding in my chest where I swore held a normal heart seconds ago.

But I was curious about You.

So as any good detective (or curious girl) would do, I set out to find You out. After all, who would open the door to an absolute stranger? Scratch that, I suppose we do it all the time. But that’s beside the point. So how was I going to find out who You were, then? By executing the Ancient Chinese art of placing my ear against the door and eavesdropping.

You called Yourself the Light of the world, and You called me salt. Salt. Salt? Really? Are You really trying to win my heart by calling me SALT? And then You kept going! You told me that I needed You. Yeah, You’re really winning points with me. Seriously, have you done this before and had it work? You told me that I was clay and that You were my Potter. Of all the—what?

I’m a SHEEP now?

And then You told me that You died for me.

Died? But weren’t You on the other side of my door calling me a fluffy animal and making me all sorts of confused as to how I could possibly handle opening the door for You? You kept going then, told me why You came. “I came to save you, you see, because I wanted you with me.” All right, this is more like it. I’m listening.

You kept talking about who You were – the Son of God – that You came to be like us except in one way: You were blameless and would remain so to the end. So then, why did You die? And what did You mean, for me?

And, like having read my mind, You told me I was a sinner. Hm. I wonder why I’m not as offended by that one? Isn’t being called a sinner worse than being called a dumb animal? Well, I suppose they’re both bad, and – wait, what’s going on here?

You told me that the only way I could be with You was with Your help. And so You died to give me that key. But wait. You’re the Son of God, right? You don’t need me. So why did You have to go all the way to death for me?

“That’s easy: because I love you!”

What was that about an erratic pounding in my chest? Hoo, there it was again! And what was this? A drop of water on my hand? Was my roof leaking? Should I have laced it with titanium, too? No, wait, these – wha– tears! Ah, my face was full of them! But how could I not cry? You just told me You loved me enough to die for me even though You didn’t have to, even though I was the one who screwed up in the first place.

Still, I was hesitant to open the door. What if I get hurt again?


What would others say?


What if it’s too good to be true?

Knock again.

And eventually, because it was You, I opened the door.

And You infiltrated my heart and made me Your bride.

Jesus Christ, the greatest ninja of all time.

You. Yes, You.

I know You.

I love You.


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