The Ballad of St. Augustine

A good man was living here; virtuous evidence has all but disappeared

Why is it so easy to forget what grace is? And so easy to wallow in our guilt for as long as we can? When we choose guilt, we deny grace. The two are mutually exclusive. That’s not to say we should never feel remorse when we sin, but once it hits, we have the choice to repent and move forward – time stops for no one after all – or we can sit and punish ourselves the way we think we deserve to be punished and let life and joy pass us by – time stops for no one after all.

Right was wrong when wrong went right

Why do we step into the position of judge when we were never meant to fill those shoes? Our place is in the seat of the defendant with Law as our prosecutor and Jesus as our counselor. The judgment seat belongs to One only, and He has already pardoned us.

The key is in my hand but I’m frozen

Guilt has a way of making us forget that the key to our shackles is in our hand. Or worse, it makes us believe we deserve to be in chains and that using the key would be much too easy. No, we need to pay good and hard for our sin. We do not deserve to be in God’s presence, and so we do Him a favor and remove ourselves from it – all the while, leaving us vulnerable and making us weaker with each passing moment.

The air is leaving here; It’s getting hard to breathe, I’m choking

And the key continues to rest firmly in our grasp; we can use it anytime. So lost in our guilt, the key seems to begin taunting us with the words “free” and “innocent” and “paid for.”

And I know that I need saving, can You save me?

But this is grace, isn’t it? The Gospel isn’t for saving perfect people because perfect people don’t need saving. The Gospel came for the screw-ups etched in God’s image. The proclamation of our freedom signed by the Father, sealed by the Spirit, and delivered by the Son. Who are we to argue with that.

Welcome back, my innocence. How I have so longed to see your face again.

1 John 1:9. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” The key is in my hand.

You’re washing me, branding me with grace.

Innocence reborn.

(The Ballad of St. Augustine is a song by Disciple. Find them at

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