Along Came You

You. I know You. Yes. Yes, You. Many years ago, we had a pretty loaded encounter. There I was, minding my own business, trying to make friends and make something of my life, and there You came, barreling through the titanium fence I thought I securely erected around that fragile heart of mine, and ruined […]

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The Man Who Waited

There once lived a man who loved his sons very much. He was a wealthy man, lacking in nothing, who owned land and livestock and could provide for his family and all who served him. Everyone loved the man dearly. He worked hard every single day alongside his servants, doing the same work and more. […]

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The Ballad of St. Augustine

A good man was living here; virtuous evidence has all but disappeared Why is it so easy to forget what grace is? And so easy to wallow in our guilt for as long as we can? When we choose guilt, we deny grace. The two are mutually exclusive. That’s not to say we should never […]

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