She is not good enough. His grace can never extend to the likes of her. She has reached the point where He is tired of forgiving her and has walked away. Everyone in the world can be forgiven, but she has expended His mercy.


… Lies…

What has she been so afraid of? What was she thinking? The cataclysmic effects of her decisions of late have taken a heavy toll on her holistic well-being.

Pushing the boundaries, testing the limits. The result lands her face-to-face with the fact she has known all along.

His grace is limitless. His love is fathomless.


She has broken His heart. She has wounded Him greatly. She had lost sight of the path He leads her on. She had lost sight of Him.


Yet He still left His ninety-nine to find His one. His one silly, brainless sheep that strayed from His flock. His one, weak and fragile lamb that yearns to be whole.


She is not beyond His grasp. She will never – can never – stray so far that He cannot find her and bring her home.

Home with Him.

In His arms.

In His heart.

She belongs to no one else. The world does not define who she is, cannot give her an identity. He has known her from before her beginning. He has named her, claimed her as His own, written her name on His heart and His hands.

She is not weak, not helpless, not hopeless. She is daughter of the Most High, heir with Him to the highest throne, beloved of the Creator of the universe, saved by grace through faith.