Joyful Noise

Creation is an orchestra to the Most High God. It sings in many parts, each unique being created with its own timbre, each its own melody, put together in a choir of sound – a song to the Creator emerges.

The rustling leaves of the greenest trees ring whispers of syncopated snares and crashing cymbals. The very earth the steadiness of bass and timpani. Creatures croon with deep voices in the greatest fortissimo. Others serenade with a gentle melodic line. The waves tap steady cadence and lulls a slow adagio in its ebb and flow. The stars sing a rhythmic melodious percussion.

All around, Creation is making music to the Creator. Never ceasing, each part rests where it needs. Deep breaths precede the start of every phrase. To each a chance to sing in intervals of thirds and fifths and sevenths.

The moving line belongs to one section at different times. Each part contributes in the universe’s ultimate melodic score. The Creator, a great conductor, edifying Himself with His direction.

In tune with one another, watching His cues, Creation is a chorus in perfect harmony – a sonnet played in the sweetest legato or a march in the most grandioso. When we wander from what’s written in the score, from the Conductor’s masterful hands, dissonance forces its cacophonous discord.

Creation sings a sweet melody to the Lord of Hosts. In the heavenlies, the song is heard amongst the angels, who join with trumpet calls and loud voices.

To each a unique part, just one piece of the orchestra. And together a combination of a robust choir, the crescendo of vigorous ballad, articulating each note as the Conductor intends.

Take up your instrument, and join in celebration. Keep your eyes on the Director, and play to the guidance of His hands. Let all creation lift in unison one voice in many parts to sing to, to sing of, the Lord Almighty and His grandiose love.


2 thoughts on “Joyful Noise

  1. believe me, i plan to. πŸ˜› heehee. once my co worker comes back from vacation, and i don't have to work all her shifts, i'm planning on getting back to work on your contest. πŸ™‚

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