Joyful Noise

Creation is an orchestra to the Most High God. It sings in many parts, each unique being created with its own timbre, each its own melody, put together in a choir of sound – a song to the Creator emerges. The rustling leaves of the greenest trees ring whispers of syncopated snares and crashing cymbals. […]

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Born from an idea of the most creative God, she first existed in the corners of His imagination. A smile drew across His lips as He pondered the life He would give her, the blessings He would shower upon her, the pride He would feel to call her His. She is a lump of earth, […]

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Ruthless Trust

She sits a child in awe of her Father. Heart alive, breath full, soul thankful. God is truly too good to her. Her heart swells, desiring to know where to continue – Father’s opinion and guiding to show her the way. What a beautiful life He’s given her – with scars that adorn beyond the […]

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