Letters in the Sand

What does that word do to you? What do you feel when you see it?

How about this: your best friend, your parents, your significant other, your beloved dog. What do these words do to you?

As we become more and more familiar with someone, we kind of take the “spectacular” out of them. What we felt when we first met, what turned our hearts and compelled us to move… it’s so easy to lose sight of that once you settle for peaceful indifference, once you take for granted their presence in your life.

We limit God to something we can understand, someone we can take for granted. We limit God to something we can define. And we miss out on so much when we don’t allow our hearts to worship Him for who He is, when we don’t allow His Name to invoke an undeniable force that moves us to fall to our faces before him, when we don’t allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by Him.

I’ve been thinking, as of late, how much I hate the phrase “may God have mercy on his/her/your/their soul[s].” Know why? Because HE DID HAVE MERCY ON THESE SOULS. He had more than mercy. He GAVE grace. Mercy is getting what you don’t deserve, and grace is getting what you REALLY don’t deserve. This phrase has become a curse, and with it, it’s like we’re taking His name in vain. Screw that. We are. When we use this phrase, it condemns others. It says to them, “I sure hope God has mercy on you cuz you won’t get it anywhere else” and “you are unlovable.” And it narrows our view of God even further than we narrowed it before. Who are we that we should put words in God’s mouth? Is God so heartless that He can’t pardon a sinner who repents? Is God so standoffish that the broken can’t come to Him for restoration?

If so… then where is the hope for us?

And on a similar note, the “what would Jesus do” question is gnawing at me as of tonight. I was looking at an old youtube comment someone wrote me where he told me I was nuts for believing that Disney doesn’t promote XYZ (fill it in with what you want) and that “Christians”who go there and support this evil company can do so because they aren’t really “Christians.” And then he posed the question “what would Jesus do.”

My response?

He already did it.

It happened on the cross. The sinless God stretched out His arms to bring His fallen creation to Him. Greater love has no one than this, that He should lay down His life for His friends. And in this we see love, not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His son to die for us.

Yes, that’s a fun blender of verses, but this is love. This is God. Can we die for our enemies? He did.

What does seeing this word written out do to you? Does it move you? Or have you seen it so many times, that you stop seeing how special it is?

This word overflows my heart, overwhelms my vocabulary. I have no words that could equal it, no pretty verse that can match it. This word is not just three letters in a particular order in a row. It is living. God is alive, and He has given us grace.

I pray it will move you to action, not just to “do” stuff for Him. I pray it will move you to your knees, move me to my knees, and worship. I pray it will cause us to just sit in awe of Him and sit revering Him.

This is God. Tattoo His Name on your heart so that when the waves move to kiss the shore, His name will not be taken away when they recede back into a natural ebb and flow.