Life is not a snapshot. Life is a mural, and if we’re too focused on one part, we cannot see the picture God is painting. We have to step back in order to see the full piece, to see the masterpiece that is life. Every brush stroke, every word written in the bound chapters is an essential part of our life story.


All of Creation

When I look around at nature and its complexity and even at people and our complexity… it baffles me that people believe there is no God.

The human eye alone denies the possibility of “accident.” It works by some 40 different parts functioning together. If one of these is not present, the eye will serve no purpose. Each of these 40 parts has its own individual structure. The retinal membrane at the back of the eye is made up of 11 different layers. One of these layers is the blood vein network, which has the most intricate vein network in the body. This layer meets the oxygen needs of the retinal cells that interpret light. Each of the other layers has a distinct function. No scientist can explain how this complex organ came about.

And that’s the EYE. Bring in the rest of the body, and the entire formula becomes just that much more complicated. Then there’s the world: plants, animals, etc. I mean… holy cow. There’s 7 billion people on the planet, and the number of other living creatures outnumber us by far. How can an accident continue to keep producing the same accident CONSISTENTLY for so long? Why two legs instead of 3? Why ten fingers instead of sixteen?

If we move farther out into the atmosphere, it’s rather convenient that the earth is placed where it’s placed and spins the speed it does. If the rotation of our earth had been 1/10 its present rate, the length of our days and nights would have been increased ten times. Our vegetation would burn up during the long days, while the nights would bring such low temperatures that any plant life which survived the day would be sure to freeze. If the earth were as small as the moon, its gravity would only be 1/6 its present force and unable to hold either atmosphere or water. If its diameter were doubled, the force of gravity would be doubled and the atmosphere would be so compressed that its pressure would be increased from 15 to 30 pounds per square inch.

I seriously don’t get it. God has left us breadcrumbs… heck, God has left us giant loaves of bread leading to Him. The clues, the answers, are all around us.

It seems that it takes so much more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian. How the universe can come from nothing, I can’t reconcile. The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy says that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. With the exception of the creation of the world, you mean? Darwinian Evolution teaches survival of the fittest. Then if humans came from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys? Why can’t we get a family discount if our relative “works” at the zoo? And here’s where faith comes in again… believe we’re created in the image of God, or believe we mutated from monkeys and kept mutating in the same manner consistently?

The complexity of it all… I know I don’t have the imagination to make something like all of that. I don’t have the imagination or creativity to write such a love story either. To be created just to be loved by God and to be redeemed by that He has done alone… how can anyone come up with that?

God is so creative, so imaginative, so… GOOD. Creation testifies to God’s creativity. “The beauty of a snowflake, the majestic power of a thunderstorm, the skill of a honeybee, the refreshing taste of cold water, the incredible abilitis of the human hand – all these and thousands of other aspects of creation simply could not have come into existence apart from the activity of an all-powerful and all-wise Creator.” ~ Grudem – Systematic Theology