see, believe, obey

Story #1

A flood was threatening the lives of a city. Everyone began evacuating before the flood was to hit completely. A man sat at his house and thought, “God will save me from this flood.” A car drove by and had an extra seat. “Do you want to get in?” those riding in it asked. “No, it’s fine, God will save me.” So the car drove off. A few hours later, the flood was really settling in, and the man felt a little nervous but reassured himself that if he kept praying, God will save him. A man came by on a rowboat and called to him. “Do you want to get on?” he asked. “No, it’s fine. God will save me,” answered the man. So the boat rowed off and left the man on his roof. A while later, the flood had overtaken most of the town. A helicopter flew toward the man’s house. “Do you want to get in?” the pilot asked. “No, it’s fine. God will save me,” the man answered. So the helicopter flew off to find others who were trapped in the flood.

A few hours after that, the man drowned in the flood.

When he met God face-to-face, he asked, “why didn’t You save me from the flood?”

God answered, “I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter, but you refused all three.”

Story #2

A man was mountain climbing when a severe snow storm hit. He hung to his rope and tried to shimmy down, but in complete darkness and against the biting cold, he soon lost his confidence and strength to continue onward.

Not knowing what else to do, he began to pray to God and voiced his fear and asked for help.

“Let go,” he heard.

He continued to hold on because of his fear. It was the middle of the night in a bad storm, and he could not see farther than a foot in front of him.

“Let go,” he heard again.

He tried to muster his strength but could not, and instead continued to hang mercilessly on his tether.

In the morning, a rescue crew found him dead and still hanging onto his rope. He was two feet from the ground.


what do you gather from them?

food for thought.



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