a key of tears

You have taken account of my wanderings Put my tears in Your bottle Are they not in Your book? ~ Psalm 56:8 An emotional day following an emotional day. Eyes filled to the brim with tears of longing and loneliness. Cries caught in the throat as mourning is bitten back. She misses home. She misses […]

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Father’s Day Thoughts

The build-up of Father’s Day from all around her. The hype of June 20th coming and now going. The number of cards purchased in the last few hours. All this reminds her that she cannot join in the festivities. All around her, others talk about trivial requests from their fathers for this day. They talk […]

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The Butterfly Circus

The Butterfly Circus – HD from The Butterfly Circus on Vimeo. I was re-watching this short the other day, and it always tends to make me cry. “A perversion of nature. A man, if you could even call him that, whom God himself has turned His back upon.” He hears this over and over everyday. […]

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see, believe, obey

Story #1 A flood was threatening the lives of a city. Everyone began evacuating before the flood was to hit completely. A man sat at his house and thought, “God will save me from this flood.” A car drove by and had an extra seat. “Do you want to get in?” those riding in it asked. […]

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