No Greater Love

There will never come a love story greater than the one of God’s love for His creation.


the God I praise

God will get His glory, and God deserves to be praised. Recent events have shown me who God is and just how insignificant I am, yet there He is watching over me with all the love and provision of a Father.

What exactly is it that draws us to Him? Actually, I think human nature causes us to turn around and run the other direction from where He’s standing. But sometimes, God stops a few of us, and we see who He is and why He deserves to be praised.

What is it that we want from Him? A free ticket out of hell? Doesn’t that sound so selfish? Here’s the God who created the universe and spans it with the width and breadth of His hand….. and all we want from Him is a way out of the punishment we deserve?

We can make a case to God’s goodness and justness and love, that He’ll let us into Heaven because of those reasons. But it is precisely God’s goodness and justness that prevents us from entering Heaven as sinners. His standards are high, and we can’t meet them. This is why, in His love, He sent Jesus to be our sin, and as He died a righteous man with the world’s sin cast upon Him, He then rose a righteous man and left the world’s sin in the earth. His love gave Him peace as He went to the cross because He knew that this action would give Him His children. Of course, physically He was in turmoil to the point where He sweat blood, causing His skin to be ever more tender to the touch. The weight of humankind’s sin from the beginning of time to the end of time was crashing on a Man who forsook His place in the Heavenlies to become soft flesh and frail bone in the form of a being He had created from the dirt in the earth. It’d be silly to think He wasn’t in despair. But deep down in His heart was peace. Not the feeling of peace but the state of peace.

This is the God I praise: the God who, in His creativity, gave us a complex world of vegetation, water, and life; the God who, in His creativity, gave this world 8 siblings (yes, I’m still counting Pluto) to share a solar system with; the God who, in His creativity and knowledge, placed us in the perfect spot in our solar system to receive life and light from the nearest star; the God who, in His creativity and love and pride, wrote every chapter of my life thus far and will continue writing this story till the end; the God who, in His lovingkindness, died a cursed man’s death to save a wretch and call her holy. And His.

This is the God I praise.

God will always deserve to be praised. Whether I am going to heaven or not (I’m confident in my salvation, but God’s still God no matter what), whether the world is in turmoil or not, whether I have money in my bank to pay rent or not….. God still deserves to be praised. Just being able to borrow another breath from Him in the mornings when I awake and look out at the world and see the canvas where He painted His art… these things alone show how much God deserves to be praised. And to know what Jesus gave up for me, for my sake… how can I not look at my God and see how much praise He deserves from me?

This is the God I praise.