permanent marker

So believe it or not, I got a tattoo. Surprise!

Many have asked me why I chose to get it, and well, there’s a lot of things, I suppose. I definitely didn’t get it for anyone else as it is not visible. I chose the rising phoenix because it is very symbolic for me. It’s been emphasized on a lot of my posts. Refer to this one if you’re lost.

Thinking back, I probably could’ve given this a whole lot more thought than I did. That’s not to say I regret it, though I’m pretty sure there were a few times (like when the needle was working its magic on my sensitive skin) when I was pretty close. Actually, I think when I had finally realized what I had done, my stomach knotted a bit. Ha.

But looking at it now, this is me. I think it depicts me very well. Blazing and beautiful and looking up always… this is it!

A tattoo is essentially a scar. But when I look at this, I am reminded of myself. Scars are supposed to be ugly things that come about after your skin has been damaged. But here where my damaged skin is lies a pretty picture that represents a lot of things in my life. My life is like one big scar (or a million little ones, I suppose), but Jesus makes it a pretty picture.

This image reminds me of the ashes that I have risen from. It’s kinda like a mini representation of me – I should be marred and bruised, but Jesus makes me beautiful when I rise again. This is my reminder that Jesus provides for me, that I can always be looking up.

Forgive me if this isn’t as smooth-flowing as my other entries. I haven’t written in the first person in a long time. Ha. =)

Here are some photos of the process!

(yes, I was crying a little at this point. Outlining freaking hurts!)

one other reason I’m thankful it’s in this spot is I didn’t have to look at the needle. =)

this is the end result of the outlining

And this one’s really crappy quality cuz I zoomed in on the mirror a lot with my cameraphone (didn’t have a friend there for very long while the shading was being done, so no pictures of that process)

this part took 2.5 hours. Had a 10 minute break in the middle. Yeah, the blood rushed to my head after I was done, and I almost fell over when I got up. O.o



One thought on “permanent marker

  1. hey miki. i noticed you were wearing your disney outfit in the first pic and how you had a death grip on the table. haha. i still can't believe you got a tattoo but kudos to you for making it through that process. i still can't imagine what the pain might of felt like.

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