Hold me with the hands I pierced. Love me with the heart I shattered. Cover me with the grace I can never escape.



God walked alongside Moses, growing him for a special purpose. At the beginning of his story, Moses was saved that God may carry out His plans for Moses as well as use Moses to carry out His plans for Israel….. which I guess was God’s plans for Moses. O.o

In the beginning of the story, the main character was a feeble man who seemed full of excuses. He was reluctant to accept the plans God had for him. He claimed to be slow of speech and lacking in eloquence. Before even that, he asked questions that were seemingly impossible to answer for anyone but God. And though God did answer them, Moses eventually asked God to send someone else.

The Lord was displeased, and His righteous anger burned against Moses, yet He continued to pursue him. The harder Moses ran, the harder God pursued him. He assigned a helper in Aaron, who would be Moses’ voice to the Egyptians and the Israelites.

Moses and Aaron were a tag team with God coaching them from outside the ring. God passed the message to Moses, who passed it to Aaron, who in turn passed it to the masses.

Moses felt he had no authority to speak to Pharaoh. At the beginning of their interactions, Aaron performed the miracles and spoke. As time passed on, it was noted specifically that Moses went into Pharaoh’s to speak. Aaron was sometimes not even mentioned in the verbal duels.

For the last battle, Moses proclaimed the final plague that was set upon Egypt. After delivering the message, Moses left Pharaoh’s presence, “hot with anger.”

God provided Moses with help and education, and with every message and every mission, Moses learned to be the leader God wanted and needed him to be for Israel. With every message and every mission, his boldness and courage grew to the point where he did no have to hide behind Aaron any longer.

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She is a failure. She is a sinner. Everything she does by her own power fails miserably. She often runs away and commits sin against the One she claims to love.

Yet He still calls her back to Him. She has marred and trampled the heart He so openly loves her with. How can she say she loves Him? But in her soul, she knows she does. Her distracted mind and weak flesh draw her away. Her spirit must become stronger.

Her future involves her people. She longs to return to the country that her mother hails from. She longs to love people there and teach them.

But why?

Simply loving her people is not enough. Are they her goal or is He her goal? He loved this people so much that He came knowing He would die for them, and He came willing to die for them. She loves her people, but is she willing to lay down a life of comfort to draw them towards Him?

She asks for a stronger heart to do just this. Her love for her people is a gift bestowed to her by the Man who saved her life with His life. But He tells her to wait, to be patient. He tells her that in this time of waiting for Him to let her go, she must wait on Him and learn what He has to teach her that she may be fully prepared for what lies ahead.

He calls her elsewhere currently. In the place she will go, she will be out of her comfort zone. He first took her there four years ago. It is there that He planted a love for her culture and her people in her heart. It will be there that He will grow and cultivate it until she is ready to serve Him by serving them.

She understands now why she must go. She understands fully that this is where He wants her, so that she may learn to love her people deeply and be willing to sacrifice all that she has to introduce them to the Man who loves them even more than she does.

Her heart cries for them and longs to love them. But she must learn that she can’t love them with just her heart – she must love them with His.

In this next chapter, she will learn and pray for a stronger back to carry her load and not for a lighter load. Away from the home she’s known for 19 years, she will learn to solely depend on Him for strength, comfort, food, and shelter. It’s frightening to give up such control.

But He is always watching her and is with her and will rescue her.