The little ounce of peace nestled in with the anxiety of the whole situation has grown. I feel confirmation that when January comes, it’s time to go to Portland. That’s a scary thought. O.o And I’m still in the process of packing and moving for a local move at this point. -__-;;

I am tired of moving, and I think more than anything, I’m a little tired of waiting. Waiting for Portland, waiting for Hong Kong, waiting for this and that.

God reminds me at this point that there are two meaning to the word “wait.”

The first one is, of course, what I’m doing. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of something. However, as this happens, I need to be doing the other waiting.

To wait also means “to be in readiness for; be reserved for; to attend upon or escort, esp. as a sign of respect.”

As I wait for God to carry things out in His timing, I have the opportunity to wait on God and serve Him and learn from Him what is needed to carry out what I’m waiting for.

Am I taking advantage of that? No, not particularly. I’m such a future-dweller that all I can think of is “when this day comes, I will…” rather than “what can I do to prepare myself for this?”

I have a tendency to ask God if I could just fast forward through this part of my life and be in the next already. Welllll… God hasn’t altered time since stopping the sun for Joshua and delaying its setting for almost a full day. Soooooo my chances look pretty slim. =)

I’d better get to packing some more.

peace and love