RPG Dreamin

No one would ever really think it, but video games teach you a whole heckuva lot! Video games teach me random lessons here and there. I’m gonna focus on Lunar (the first one mostly) and Final Fantasy.

Here are 10 things I thought up on the top of my head… If I think of any more… I’m definitely jotting it down. O.o

1) Never try to be something you’re not. It’ll come back to bite you in the end

  • as witnessed in FF7 – Cloud tries to impress Tifa by becoming SOLDIER – he ended up being experimented on and having an identity crisis as a result, and then not to mention falling in love with Zack’s girl when he thinks he’s Zack, all the while still remembering faintly about Tifa, whom he (Cloud) loves.

2) If you try to live out your life along with someone else’s life, then you can’t live out either of your lives.

  • as witnessed in FF7 & FF7: Advent Children – When Zack dies, Cloud promised to go on living for the both of them, and now there’s awkwardness between him and Tifa as she continues to care about him, and he has to refrain from living his own life and being with her.

3) You can’t go through life alone.

  • as witnessed in: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Lunar – their life span to the player spans the beginning of the journey/game to the climactic ending where they saved the world. And they need their friends; each one brings something new to the table, be it magic, healing, swordsmanship, brains, etc. Specifically in Lunar, there are questions that only certain characters can answer in one of the towers.

4) If it’s meant to be, not even time and all the nasty fiends in the world can do anything about it.

  • as witnessed in: FF7 with Cloud and Tifa – 10 years later, they’re finally working on it!
  • FFX/X-2 – Yuna starts looking for Tidus & after 55 hours of game time, they’re reunited.
  • any game: you can take all the time you need to level up and get to the final boss

5) If you don’t think things through, you will get your butt kicked.

  • as witnessed in: all RPG & strategy games – I got my butt whupped by a little old man in X-2 & it took me AT LEAST 30+ times to beat the last boss in X

6) It’s okay to question things if you find it a little shady.

  • as witnessed in: FFX – Yevon, whom everyone gives praise to, is the same dude as Sin, who terrorizes Spira after 10 years of Calm, and a Summoner arises to face it

7) Patience is a freaking virtue… a learned one. And I’m gonna go ahead and pair that with “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

  • As witnessed in FFX-2 – 55 hours of playing time… ‘nuff said.
  • FFX – my friend played 80 hours and ½ of it was devoted to finding and obtaining the secret weapons and their upgrades and the secret aeons.

8) If you love someone, cherish them.

  • As witnessed in Lunar – Alex and Luna. ‘Nuff said. The story of the game changed from an adventure with friends where Alex wants to become DragonMaster to a rescue mission where he HAS to become DragonMaster about halfway through.
  • FFX-2 – Tidus says that Yuna should treasure him and the dream (Tidus himself) stays a reality
  • FF7 – Cloud needs to work on this one. Tifa’s been waiting 10+ years for him!

9) Take a leap of faith… it’s worth it just to learn from it.

  • As witnessed in ALL RPG games. You generally have to take on the entire world and/or save it. And think, if no one took it, Sephiroth, Sin, and Shuyin would’ve destroyed Spira in 7, X, and X-2, respectively. And Ghaleon would’ve taken over Lunar without seeing the flaw in his plan and mentality, and he wouldn’t have learned to cherish Lunar and Althena and the people in Lunar.

10) When you make a mistake, you learn from it and not make the same one.

  • As witnessed in FFX – the only way to “defeat” Sin was to sacrifice one of the Summoner’s guardians and create a new aeon – Yuna decided against this and, in doing so, brought about the Eternal Calm, and Spira no longer has to worry about Sin coming back to destroy villages and kill the citizens any longer.
  • X-2 – Nooj planned to sacrifice himself and take Shuyin out with him. Yuna flat out told him his plan sucked. She recalled how difficult it was to have to make the decisions she did and having to sacrifice all her aeons in the end. Well, that part was actually pretty necessary and they wanted to be sacrificed so that Yu Yevon couldn’t possess them and turn them into his new Sin.

So next time y’all think your roommies are just bumming in front of the box, they’re actually learning some life lessons. =)