So this song has more or less been striking a lot of heart-strings (where did that term come from?) for me as of late. Guess I wanted to share cuz it more or less summarizes a lot of what my brain is processing. I’m going to bold the parts that have stuck out the most as well as the parts that I want to grow. =)

Artist: Pocket Full Of Rocks
Album: Song To The King
Song: Falling

Father, it remains to me a mystery
Why You still love me
When You see the bad in me
You show me mercy
You show me grace
Call me Your own

Day by day, I’m finding out, just a little more
Just exactly what this journey is for
It is to love You, hold You, touch You,
Call You my own, my own

And I’d trade treasure, I’d trade fame
Just to hear You speak my name
I’ve been touched by You
And I won’t ever be the same
I won’t ever be the same, for

I am falling more and more in love with You, my King
My heart sings a song that even angels cannot sing

What strikes me about the last line is realizing why my heart can sing a song that even the angels can’t sing. I remember my pastor once stated that the angels don’t really understand salvation (I haven’t found the specific verse… I’ll let y’all know once I find it). I read a book recently called Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee (Rachel, you can fix my grammar and comma errors in that last sentence O.o), which is more or less kind of a modern take on C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. The demon that is telling his story talked about how jealous and angry they were when they saw God bending down to the dirt and breathing life into it to create man. And when man continued to fail God, the legion continued to become enraged and jealous that they could not make God turn His back on the “clay people.”

They couldn’t understand what it meant to have a soul breathed into them by the very lips of the Father. The angels who did not fall have the same experience… they don’t understand this either.

God treasures us so much that He would kneel to the ground to breathe life into His children… and He does this everyday still, I think, breathing life into His kiddies.

This is what we have that the angels don’t have: the breath of God in our lungs… and the promise of salvation in His Son. They can’t experience this.

This is why we can sing our own unique music to the Lord.


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