a covenantal lawsuit

I learned today that Jeremiah 2 was written to be an indictment brought forth by God against His people. I guess meaning that His people breached their covenant, and God has every right to “sue” them. Breaking a covenant is a super serious offense back then. If I remember correctly, punishable by death.

Israel sought out other gods to worship, and in their worship of these “worthless idols,” they “become worthless themselves” (HCSB). In their pursuit of other idols, Israel lost sight of its identity as the elect of God. They had forgotten all that God had brought them through in leading them out of Egypt and into a completely unpopulated land flowing with milk and honey. And they degraded this land that was a heritage from God.

Similarly, I’ve definitely been following other idols and became pretty useless. Heck, I did absolutely nothing the past two days but read comics. O.o Seriously. O.o Talk about following the worthless to become worthless and REALLY losing track of my calling.

I listed some of the wildernesses that God had brought me through, and here are a few:

  • freshman year of HS… which was redeemed to get me on the pathway that led me to Jesus
  • being out of state a year… I guess this helped me be much more independent of my mom and learn about the bible straight out of the bible to be able to defend my faith and make sure things line up
  • surviving Disney for 2 years (i’m totally at peace with leaving)
  • HIU (need I say more?? really… I think I might’ve found Disney more pleasant) … but this led me to CSUF where I’ll definitely graduate quicker… and this is where MBC helped me when it came to discernment
  • finding a place to live after coming back from MBC… always had a roof over my head, whether it was a garage or a borrowed space
  • brutal transfer process (I think all my paperwork is in!)

And a wilderness I’m currently experiencing is that of being unemployed and still having to be responsible for rent and bills. I think I’m slowly seeing light. =)

I guess the only way I can get through this one is if I keep my eye on Jesus and not forget all that He had done for me and led me through.

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