insert thought-provoking title here

The pretty stones in my left hand are just pretty stones. They’re metamorphosed rocks, maybe pieces of sea glass. They’re pretty on the outside but have no real value.

I used this picture last time. It’s fitting, no?

The rocks in my right hand are topped with now 3 jewels. A new amber-colored one was added recently. I was thinking about it Sunday, and I think this new one might be a job. O.O So I’ve started to feel a little more peace about it (though I’m still pretty nervous). That blue one I still haven’t completely figured out. Later on Sunday, the idea that it might be a relationship came up, but that’s still to be confirmed. ::shrugs:: Guess I just gotta figure these out one by one.

Anywhoo, that’s about it for now. I am probably going to call Golden Spoon tomorrow to see if that one’s a go or not. O.o I didn’t get to today cuz I left my phone at Aimee’s familia’s place. O.o

peace and love.


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