heart vs. head

logic says falling in love and getting involved right now is not a good ideabut……. the heart seldom listens to logic while maintaining the ability to stay truthful to itself

…… still, i’m kinda missing the other half of the equation right now. heh. aside from being a couple thousand miles away, i don’t even know what’s going on in his mind.

I never intended this to be a blog where I write crap about my non-existent love life. I think I tried to stay as far away from this as possible.

But at this point in time, I’m learning to love with my heart and not my head. Does that make sense? With guys I’ve “liked” in the past, I liked them cuz they kinda fit a little outline I had. So really, I liked their attributes more than I liked them. This one’s a little out of nowhere, and I think the first one I’ve actually been emotionally attached to. It wasn’t hard for me to like another person if he fell into the outline well enough, I suppose.

I’m more or less throwing the long-winded, ultra-detailed, specific and picky beyond reason outline out the window. I have certain things that I’m not willing to negotiate (see previous note), and I’ll keep to those, but I’m not going to add random stuff I don’t particularly need. Phil’s dad (Uncle John) goes with the 3 Cs: Christian, Chinese, and Cute. Phil added a C and said College. I think I can swap Chinese with College, though I would prefer Chinese for the sake of communicating with my mom.

I’m trusting that if it’s not gonna work, then Jesus will give me healing and strength to move on.

Guess I’ve grown up a little. =) … but just a little. >_<


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