waiting on God

Waiting, I’ve realized, really isn’t one of my strong suits.

I think that I’m facing some of the most difficult trials ever because it’s almost all 100% waiting. Waiting for, waiting on……. it’s pretty difficult for me either way, I think.

This whole ordeal with CSUF still isn’t resolved. I’m really not sure what’s going on. I’m assuming they need my grades for this semester. Seeing as how I’m transferring in as a senior, I’m assuming I’d be at the top of the list. =/ Really….. it’s not a matter of if I’ll get in, it’s when.

Going back to HK this time really kinda hurt almost. I was only able to spend 4 days there. I got to see my kids twice. It wasn’t as difficult to leave, not because I wanted to, but I think because I saw that after these couple months, they still love me the same, it gave me faith that it’ll be okay no matter the amount of time it’ll take in the end.

So I guess this time around, I’m not so much worried about whether or not they’ll still remember me, I’m just sad that there’s less time I get to spend with them, I suppose, less opportunity.

I’ve thought about finishing my degree overseas, but I guess I pretty much know that God wants me to finish in the States. It’ll probably help me out a lot. O.o Just gotta stick it through.

But during this time, I don’t need to be, and I can’t afford to be idle. I’ve gotta work on a lot of things. Study habits, breaking senioritis, learning more Chinese, learning other things I wanna learn and still have time to right now, finding a job and saving money, living a healthier lifestyle… I think I’m motivated. Ha.

All of the kids told me I have to work hard and study hard so that I can come back soon. haha. my kids are so cute. I miss them all already.

All righty…… jet lag is killing me. I’m gonna lie down. -__-;;


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