hooray for jet lag

it is 5:22am and I can’t sleep a wink! I can’t tell if it’s jet lag or an emotional thing anymore.

I came back Sunday afternoon, and it was the longest day ever. O.o I couldn’t sleep much that night, and all the kids bombarded me on MSN, so I stayed up and chatted with them. It was very nice talking to students that I knew and even some that I didn’t.

I think more than anything, I have trouble sleeping because I keep thinking about my kids. I miss them a lot, and I miss them dreadfully sometimes.

It was the hardest thing to leave this time. I cried the last night we were there. I have known that my heart was for Hong Kong for a very long time. I think it was upon leaving this time that I realized it has been in Hong Kong as well.

It’s a difficult thing to wrestle with that I have to wait before I can go back. Upon coming back to the US, the enemy has been whispering his lies to me once again. I am sure that God wants me back there, but my confidence has wavered. I am afraid of not living up to the promise that I’ve made to come back. I’m afraid of disappointing my kids.

But I know that they are in my future, and there are many other people I can touch. So during this time in the US, I will have to work hard and fill myself with truths to counter those lies. And along with doing such…… get enough rest so I have the energy to do it! =P

Oyyy….. it’s gonna be a long day.

Add oil! 🙂


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