what to give up…

The other night, one of our speakers asked us what “baggage” we’re trying to take with us that we really don’t need. I started thinking about it, and I got another one of those graphic visual images I tend to get.

I’m back on that same hill again. And I keep on pulling out bag after bag after bag labeled, “sin,” “emotional desires,” “dreams,” “musical goals,” “emotional messes,” “future,” etc.

I had a bunch of these that I just lined up in 2 rows and looked up at Jesus kind of like….. you know that look you get when you’re a little embarrassed about how much you brought or what you did? Yeah, I blushed and looked at Him like that. He hugged me and took all of my baggage. The stuff we both knew and agreed I didn’t need, he released and it fell over the cliff. It kind of whirls around and I’m at the airport. I had my suitcase packed with “love,” “joy,” “patience,” and “faith.” Then I found a couple more little pouches stowed away in my pockets as well as a random bag I was carrying. I can’t remember what their labels were anymore, but I chucked the bags and pouches up in the air and He caught one or two and zapped the other ones that I just didn’t need at all ever.

I was thinking the other day (I think yesterday….. O.o these past couple days have been so intense, they blur together), and I was thinking mostly about my desire to be in music one day. That or continue with serving China…… or both, who knows? But I was thinking about it, and I realized that if music is not what God has intended for me, I won’t be stuck with something I’d hate for the rest of my life. So I guess no matter what, it’s okay. I just need to keep praying about it, though.

I’m flying out in about 14 hours. O.o

And I think I won’t be updating this blog for the rest of the month cuz of all the security precautions and whatnot.

k! Take care, my loves. 🙂