how does it come to this???

soooooo…….. after college hopping many times and thinking I might’ve found where I’m going to graduate from………. I’m transferring again. -_____-;; yepp….. after exploring Hope for a year and receiving enough aggravation from them to cover 10 years, I’m thinking it’d actually be smarter to transfer to CSUF.

I can’t even touch my major courses right now — not because I’m not at the right level, rather because of the other courses Hope requires. I’d always said that I’d probably graduate 2010, but I really think that was wishful thinking on my part. Looking at it on paper and thinking about it more……. I’d be lucky if I can graduate 2011 or 2012. O.O

BUT! The catch is, I have to be able to transfer in a Critical Thinking class before CSUF will take me. Which I think is REALLY weird since I’m already a student there. O.o Technically.

SO! I’m probably going to transfer BACK to FJC and then transfer to CSUF. Cuz I could take the classes I’m scheduled for and build up more credits that don’t go anywhere and pay a substantial amount of money……. or go to FJC, take the GE courses I need, and finish my degree at CSUF.

It’s a long and complicated process, and I think I may just ask my advisor…… even though afterwards, she wouldn’t be my advisor. O.o ::sigh::



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