thoughts of the unconscious mind

I’ve been having the most bizarre dreams as of late.

I got attacked in my car in one of them. You know how in horror movies, someone’s in the backseat hiding out and then once you stop, they attack you from behind? Yeah, that happened. I woke up breathing very heavily.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that a friend of mine died. I was rushing to him, but when I got there, a girl said something along these lines: “It’s 12:01. He died at 12:00.” When I flashbacked in the dream, she said 11:50. But either way, I was too late. And I think it was Mike Allen. And that scared me a lot.

Last night, I dreamed of a guy getting possessed. It was very vivid, but I’m not quite sure I can recall all of the details. I was one of the people trying to figure out what was going on and how to get him unpossessed. O.o There was one part where I was looking at a big stone slab. There was one piece that was shoved in, but there were 2 other symbols next to it, and they were both empty. So I guess something or another was supposed to go in there and stop the demon. I vaguely recall a guy that had those pieces.

The last scene before I woke up was a scene with the possessed guy and his son. He was sitting with his son after he started to kind of realize what was going on. It looked like he was behind a podium for a press conference, and the demon was going crazy in him. At the end of the speech, a lightbulb kinda came on. He was normal for a little bit. The son was poking at his face and recalling all the times he used to do that when he was a kid. The guy was smiling but really sad because he couldn’t really be with his son.

I had another dream when I fell back asleep, but I can’t recall it at all. I remember being totally terrified, though. O.o


very strange.


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