one more year and what to show?

I feel old. O.o Ah, well.

I had my first taste of alcohol last night. But I asked for more fruit flavor….. kinda tasted like juice. πŸ™‚ haha.

My car is acting up like no other, and that makes me frustrated. I’m incredibly attached to Tobias, but it looks like I may need a new car. It’d be nice, I guess, since I’ve been oggling other cars for a while, but I’m so incredibly sad. =/ Heck, I named it…… Rather attached at this point. =/

Anywhoo….. it’s a pretty big stretch in testing my faith, it feels….. I was convinced that I should quit my job. Now… I’m more than a little terrified. I wrote 3 checks for bills and rent, and the Edison bill just came in. And this whole deal with my car. ::sigh:: I really don’t know anymore.

But then again….. I didn’t really fulfill the entire part of quitting my job….. I haven’t been spending all that much time with Jesus like I had wanted.


Anywhoo! I’ve discovered an interesting and awesome obsession with all things Baby Angel. check it:

Are they not completely and totally adorable??? And they have a website! θ—ζž—η”Ÿζ΄»εœ‹ιš›ζœ‰ι™ε…¬εΈ

And here’s the first page of the merchandise pages………… I’ll tell ya, if I were rich and famous…!

yeah……. ok. I’m just gonna go get some food. O.o πŸ™‚


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