one more year and what to show?

I feel old. O.o Ah, well.

I had my first taste of alcohol last night. But I asked for more fruit flavor….. kinda tasted like juice. πŸ™‚ haha.

My car is acting up like no other, and that makes me frustrated. I’m incredibly attached to Tobias, but it looks like I may need a new car. It’d be nice, I guess, since I’ve been oggling other cars for a while, but I’m so incredibly sad. =/ Heck, I named it…… Rather attached at this point. =/

Anywhoo….. it’s a pretty big stretch in testing my faith, it feels….. I was convinced that I should quit my job. Now… I’m more than a little terrified. I wrote 3 checks for bills and rent, and the Edison bill just came in. And this whole deal with my car. ::sigh:: I really don’t know anymore.

But then again….. I didn’t really fulfill the entire part of quitting my job….. I haven’t been spending all that much time with Jesus like I had wanted.


Anywhoo! I’ve discovered an interesting and awesome obsession with all things Baby Angel. check it:

Are they not completely and totally adorable??? And they have a website! θ—ζž—η”Ÿζ΄»εœ‹ιš›ζœ‰ι™ε…¬εΈ

And here’s the first page of the merchandise pages………… I’ll tell ya, if I were rich and famous…!

yeah……. ok. I’m just gonna go get some food. O.o πŸ™‚


"Hello Daddy" written by yours truly

Hello Daddy, how do you do?
This is your daughter here
Do you wonder about me, too?
I tend to think of you

Hello Daddy, what can I say?
It’s been so long, you know
So much has happened since that day
That seems a memory

Hello Daddy, are you happy?
You have a son now, right?
He must behave, not be snappy
Or you will toss him, too

You know, Daddy, I’m so angry
You left me with a shrug
You turn away, you leave
And never look back here

Hello Daddy, don’t you love me?
I don’t know why I ask
For it’s quite obvious, you see
Your heart is cold as ice

Hello Daddy, take heed, time flies
Do you hear these drops (of) tears?
Can you see these desolate cries?
The wails escape my heart

Hello Daddy, you’ve been set free
I’m no longer your care
Go on, live life with mirth and glee
For I will do the same

Hello Daddy, don’t you worry
God is my Father now
My life in His hands He carries
He will not drop my heart

Hello Daddy, it’s time to go
It’s a new day today
I’m going to bask in the glow
Of these soft (and) gentle rays

Hello Daddy, before I leave
I have but one thing left
To impart on you; (oh) please don’t grieve
‘Tis but a simple note

Hello Daddy, you’re forgiven
Because of love alone
‘Tis my Father who pardons sin
I hope you’ll know Him, too

Goodbye Daddy, I leave you here
My heart is finally free
Apart from you, I have no fear
Apart from Him, there’s much

Goodbye Daddy, blessings from me
I am no longer yours
I will live life, so good and free
A gift from Him to me

So goodbye Daddy, fare thee well
I leave you here and now
To count the memories that will dwell
Within your thoughts through life

Of this daughter you left behind,
Who will defeat the odds
And Daddy, you will be resigned
To live without a jewel

A jewel that has been washed with gold
A jewel that will not fall
This single jewel that will be bold
And take this life by horns

Daddy, Daddy, it’s over now
My life will be success
I leave you; in respect, I bow
To dwell in your great loss

Goodbye Daddy, I say adieu
You need no longer fret
I will never request of you
A single thing in life

For I will make this life my own
And show you I have worth
And you will have no part, no loan
(For) Now… I am leaving you.