Dec 1917 – Apr 2008 (the email)

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At around midnight US time, my grandfather left. My uncle said that Grandpa looked peaceful when he died, though, so praise God for His mercy and faithfulness.

A million and a half emotions are raging for me right now… confusion… guilt… sadness… regret…

But I have a feeling that God was with him through it all. Whether or not he came to faith at the end is beyond me, but I know that God was right next to him. And that gives me a little peace.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue praying for my family. I don’t know how everyone’s feeling… indifferent, grieving, whatever. My mom’s passport expired, but I think her brothers are going to try to do something about getting her over there, which is good… it’s probably the first thing they’ve done in her interest in years. So yeah… pray for healing in my family. Emotionally within ourselves and with each other. Maybe reconciliation and forgiveness can come soon after.

Thanks again.

peace and love…


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