i need prayer for my family (copied bulletin post)

hello everyone!

well…… that was about as chipper as i can be right now. i think 5 million and a half emotions are flooding me right now.

my grandfather is in his last stage of lung cancer. i never even knew he had lung cancer. my cousin sent me a message earlier in the afternoon telling me that my grandpa’s been admitted into the hospital and that if we wanted to visit, we should do it soon.

they’re telling us that he’s got about 1 to 2 more weeks.

please be praying for my family during this time. we’re finally beginning to connect and talk again, so pray for peace and reconciliation to take nest a bit. Also pray for comfort emotionally and physically for us and for my grandfather especially.

my grandfather is also not a believer, so i’m praying for a miracle right now, that God will reveal Himself in an amazing way to my grandpa these next possible 2 weeks. And if it’s in His will that healing comes, then great, but if not… then pray for a peaceful departure, void of pain.

thanks, guys.

there’s a possibility i’ll be flying over to Hong Kong to visit him, but I don’t know if I would be able to stay for very long, or even attend a Buddhist funeral, but just pray for me, too, that I do what God wants me to do.

thanks again.

peace and love.


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