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You know… the other night when I was still wrestling with whether or not I should quit my job, it was a pretty intense match between me and God, but well….. no “winner” was found, but a very clear answer came out of it.

I was asking a lot of questions from whether or not it’s the right thing to do, to when I should do it, to whether or not I was reading it right…. etc. In the end, I asked a lot of “what are You trying to show me”s and “what are You trying to tell me”s. The weirdest thing is I got a picture of a corner of a page in a bible in my head, and it said “Luke 5:27.”

Now, I was at the top bunk next to an open wall, it was past midnight, and I was freezing, so I didn’t look it up right away. I thought it’d be interesting if that were the actual corner of my bible, but when I looked it up, my corner said “Luke 5:37.” oh, well.

Anywhoo, I digress. I looked it up the next morning, and it was the calling of Matthew, in which Jesus said, “Follow Me.”

Pretty straightforward answer, no?

I got to work out in Pin Traders again tonight, and it was nice. I love the people out there. I love the leads, and they’re all sad that I’m leaving, but well….. I’m not going to be gone forever. That’s the beauty of living so close to Disneyland; I can always come back and visit. 🙂

And tonight while I was working, I tried to be good soil. I was talking to a co-worker of mine who had one perspective of Christianity/the Bible/Christians, and with a little courage, I talked to him about what they all truly were versus the perspectives we tend to take from the people we see in the media or with the picketing signs and whatnot. I dunno what’s gonna happen from here, but there’s a mustard seed planted.

I’m still really sick (I think a number of us still are), so please continue to pray for me in that area, too! I don’t really know where the next stop is going to be yet…… I think I’m kinda just waiting it out for right now. I can only digest one shocking thing at a time, I think. O.o The shock of putting in my two weeks still hasn’t worn off, and to be honest, I really want to rescind it and keep working there.


peace and love.


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