I’ve had a superhero complex since I was a kid. I think it all started with Superboy. Yes, there was a Superboy. It was on when I was about 2 or 3, so details… I can’t quite remember. And then… there was Darkwing Duck. I used to tie my grandma’s big handkerchief around my neck and run around the house yelling, “I am the terror that flaps in the night!” And I liked to solve little puzzles here and there like they did in Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers. And then……. SailorMoon. That’s right. SailorMoon. Call me corny, but I found them to be cool. Kickin’ butt and takin’ names? That’s totally awesome!

And so all of that brings me to this point, I guess. I like to fix things. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming some kind of superhero to people. I thought that if I wished hard enough, I’ll get my fun superpowers and be tough as nails.

But I’m as weak as an ant under a magnifying glass. I feel like I can’t really do anything for anyone.

Every time I try to take matters into my own hands and fix something, I seem to get the opposite effect.

But people are people. They’re not meant to be fixed. They change. And the only way they can is if they want to… or subconsciously, too, I guess. But to change for the better…… a decision has to be made.

I’ve brought my mom this far. I think I really need to just let God do the work from here on without me interfering and adding a blemish and making Him start over again.

So here I am. Not a superhero. Just another person who wants to change for the better.

I’m making that decision now.


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