butterfly me

I just concluded that last entry, but a new thought came into my head.

As I thought about the imagery of the scales falling from my eyes, for some strange reason, I also thought about a butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon.

It’s like right now I’m in my chrysalis state, and I’m trying to break free to be a butterfly. The only way the scales will fall from my eyes is if I ask God to help me, and the only way I can break out of this cocoon is if I ask God to help me.

Kinda contrary to how it works in nature, so maybe I’m just getting too philosophical for my own good. O.o If a butterfly gets help to break out of its cocoon in nature, then it doesn’t build up the right strength to open its wings and fly. But if I keep trying to use my own muscles and strength all the time, I’m never going to get out of this cocoon.

So Jesus…… butterfly me. As I push against the walls, please push with me. Help me build the muscle and strength I need to endure the hardships of the world that will make breaking out of this chrysalis look like a piece of cake. And help me rely on You for the strength I need when the walls push right back.

peace and love.


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